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What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition marked by repeated pauses in breathing while you sleep. This chronic condition, which affects an estimated tens of millions of adults in the United States, is caused by the muscles around the airways relaxing, which allows gravity to pull the airways shut. This effect causes short-term suffocation, which puts excessive strain on the body, leading to cardiovascular complications and other health issues such as hypertension, memory loss, mood changes, weight gain, and fatigue. While there are many snoring or sleep apnea solutions for severe cases, including various surgeries and medical devices like CPAP, more patients are turning to dental treatments to help alleviate mild to moderate sleep apnea. At Presidential Dental Group in Washington, D.C., we concentrate on producing custom-fit night guards to offer relief to our sleep apnea patients. Dr. Kami'Lah Brown is proud to offer this easy, cozy, and reliable support to help you attain better health and a good night's sleep.

How Do Sleep Apnea Treatments Work?

At Presidential Dental Group, we often recommend a sleep apnea treatment known as oral appliance therapy (OAT), which is done with a custom-made device worn in the mouth while you sleep. One type of appliance is called a mandibular advancement device (MAD), which gently positions your lower jaw forward to keep your airways open while you sleep. The other is a tongue-retaining device (TRD), which holds your tongue in place to prevent any obstruction of your airways. There are over a hundred unique models on the market, so Dr. Brown will work with you to make certain you get the right one for you based on the structure of your mouth and jaw.

For certain sleep apnea patients, Dr. Brown may advise a procedure called rapid maxillary expansion. This treatment involves attaching a screw device to the upper jaw to relieve pressure on the nasal passages and allow for easier breathing.

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If you suffer from symptoms like fatigue, foggy brain, or recurring headaches in the morning, it's possible that you are living with sleep apnea. This very serious condition often goes unnoticed because it only arises when you're asleep. To learn more about sleep apnea and potential treatments, reach out to Presidential Dental Group to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brown. Our Washington, D.C. dental team will work to craft a therapy plan to help you sleep more soundly.

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