Emergency Dentist

By: Dr. Kami'Lah Brown


Trauma-- any incident such as a car accident, trip and fall, altercation, sports accident, or even severe grinding of the teeth can cause trauma and lead to acute pain. A lot of people tend to be embarrassed in these situations more than others; however, getting the necessary treatment as soon as possible can often save you a lot more headache and heartache in the future.

Decay-- a very deep cavity, which has extended down close to the nerve can cause severe pain. As a cavity gets deeper and deeper over time, it is also getting closer to the nerve. This can cause pain when eating or drinking something cold or hot. 

Infection starting from inside the tooth-- A nerve inside the tooth that has been exposed to trauma or decay can result in infection, which may cause severe pain. This infection can spread to the bone surrounding the tooth to become an abscess or even to the face (cellulitis). Normally this kind of pain is felt especially when eating or drinking something hot even more so than from something cold.

Infection starting from outside of the tooth-- i.e., the gums. Either from the bacteria that causes acute gum disease or from a foreign particle (such as food) getting lodged down inside the gums, a patient may suffer from severe pain. Oftentimes, there will be an associated fever or bad odor from the mouth and bleeding gums.

Acute TMJ-- Severe pain around the jaw joint and muscles of mastication. This kind of pain usually occurs when biting on something hard or if you press on the area near the front of your ear and it is extremely tender.

Knowing when to call to avoid the problem from getting worse is critical. Please contact us today should you experience any of the above. Sometimes a simple prescription may help but either way, you don't have to suffer. We can help!

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